The Pirton Boxing Day Run 2021 – we will do something!

Pirton Boxing Day Run

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We decided we wouldn’t put a proper race on in 2021. Then we changed our minds. So, we will be running a cut down event – no proper timing, no medals, no awards, but we can still do beer. And we can still get muddy and have fun.

We will give more details, but we’ll probably use a technology called MapRunF to track times of anyone who wants to do this (if you’re not bothered, that’s OK). MaprRunF allows you to download the course on to your smartphone and then run round the course, with the app recoding the time you started, checking that you completed the course (by visiting all the defined checkpoints) and then recording the time you finish. If you want to set up your phone you can download the app and get more information here. (If you have an advanced Garmin watch, you might be able to use MapRunG, otherwise you’ll have to run round with your smartphone).
Final details will be sent to all entrants and will be published on the “Final Details” page of the website.
We hope that you’ll enjoy your run. We are in another a strange year but we do what we can to carry on. We hope you are all well and safe. Remember one way to deal with short dark days is to get a headtorch and go walking, jogging or running.

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You can enter the race here.